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How We Started Our Team

Our team started GRND Coffeehouse as part of an underserved community co-op (economic growth initiative- EGI) to empower and add quality goods and services throughout such communities. Since that time we have expanded our corporate office and retail space in the Arts District in Oak Park, Illinois and an office in Brooklyn, New York. Diverse communities such as Oak Park and Brooklyn will always anchor our businesses and models to launch additional locations to enhance underserved communities in the future. The Pandemic may have slowed our business model from its initial plan but it hasn't slowed our momentum or dream.

We welcome everyone in the community to share in our expansion plans and if you'd like to donate to an underserved community, please go to /donate and we will be sure to follow up with you accordingly. 

As we continue to grow in underserved areas, we are careful and methodical in our product selection, design, space and unique social event production(s) all with the community

 in mind. Cheers~ The GRND Staff

Our Humble Beginnings

Discover new stories and learn more about yourself at MEET. in  Oak Park, Illinois and our other planned locations. We have more than 30plus years of varied business experience, providing space(s) where people can chat, discuss various topics, and share their ideas. Read on to learn more about the people who started the business. We hope to inspire you over a great cup of coffee, tea or at one of our events. Come and MEET.

Bridgette C. Lewis, MBA

Bridgette is a business strategist by trade and a serial entrepreneur.

She is also Constitutional Law Certified, Project Management Certified and Customer Centric and Diversity (Human Capital) Certified.

She is a member of the National Small Business Association, The 7th Congressional Technology and Aviation Committees.

She holds an MBA, and she has won numerous awards in the professional business and retail space. Aside from forming business associations, she is an active board member of one business association and two nonprofit corporations.

Bridgette is a high energy professional with decent business acumen (she is smart enough to be humble). She teaches an entrepreneurship course to some of the brightest minds on the planet, and she has helped them launch successful businesses in various industry sectors.

She has authored several books and produced global network events, business forums, technology forums, and summits. In addition, she has  keynoted graduation ceremonies. You can catch her Podcast on MEET. and the YouTube channel ‘The Souls of Many’ - Beware. If you run into her, she likes to talk. Bridgette considers herself a “work in progress” and champions important social justice causes.

Evan D. Lewis BS International Management, NYU - MS Technology, Innovation Engineering 

Evan is a natural entrepreneur. He works nonstop to make business operations streamlined and seamless. He is part of a nonprofit that teaches technology to people living in underserved communities and volunteers his time as a youth basketball coach.

Evan is fluent in two foreign languages: Japanese and German. He is also proficient in his native language: English. You’ll catch him hanging out at the GRND Coffee House as a customer, which is quite funny because he owns the place.

He says it helps him keep the pulse on the customer, understand their needs, gauge their level of satisfaction. Besides, he likes the vibe of the place.

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