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In Person and Virtual Meetups 

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Make friends, reignite your passion, and develop communication skills at MEET. in Oak Park, Illinois. We organize events such as in-person and virtual meet-ups. Check back on this page to see our schedule and event updates/instructions.


Product Description: Sit in on a live Podcast Session at MEET.


 Join us LIVE 


In person limited seat capacity.

ZOOM Capacity (20)

Catergory: Media

To attend the Podcast please email us at [email protected]

Once registered you will receive event details


Product Description: Record and Live Stream your Podcast at MEET.

$100.00/ Monthly. Mondays only

Catergory: Media


Once registered you will receive event details

Singles at MEET.

Product Description: Come and Blind Date at MEET.

Catergory: Dating

Cost: $35.00 per person

Singles at Meet

This is a scheduled event. The planned date for this event is February 12,13,14, 2021. We will provide an update for you in January 2021 per the COVID guidelines. Please email us at [email protected] and we'll provide a profile sheet/waiver/details and a link to view your date(s) for this exciting event. We've changed the dating game!

Game Day at MEET.

Product Description: Play Backgammon, Dominos and Chess

Sundays at MEET. at GRND Coffeehouse 

starting January 31, 2021

Sessions are scheduled in two hour increments.

Get your Game Play On!!! Covid Rules Apply

Game time is on Sunday's only 1:00pm - 5:00pm.

Cost: $15.00 per person includes your beverage of choice- Coffee, Tea, Water, Soda, Pre-Packaged Snack (typically popcorn or chips)

First come (registered) first served. Four persons at a time to be scheduled on a rolling weekly calendar (Sunday's) in two hour increments. Once registered, you will receive the Sunday date and time of your game play. Have Fun!

Game Day at Meet

We will update the event in accordance with the latest COVID guidelines and calendar availability.


2021 Featured Artist Kimberly Falk- live on ZOOM February 13, 2021 12:00 -3:00pm

Free Gallery Event- Must RSVP attendance by February 6, 2021[email protected]

Cost of the Art: $80.00-150.00 per piece 

For any questions re: Art purchase please contact us at [email protected] 

or feel free to go online and make a direct purchase at:

ALL art is original, signed and it is accompanied with a certificate of authenticity. We will allow only two persons in the gallery space at a time. However, this event will be broadcast live on ZOOM. We will send you a ZOOM link one week prior to the event if you register via email at [email protected] . If you're planning to attend in person, we will update you on COVID guidelines and scheduling, stay tuned for updates. 

Questions? email us at [email protected]

Jam Session at MEET.

Product Description: Gather your friends and family and enjoy a LIVE CONCERT at MEET.

Coming Soon 2021- Per COVID guidelines

Wish Cookie (January) and Valentines Day Cookie (February) Decorating Event

Product Description: Cookie Decorating at GRND and MEET. Great virtual event for family, friends and community. $25.00  incl. cookies and decorations with professional instruction by Chef Janet. BYOB and gather your friends that you've missed dearly...You may pick up your cookie kits (four cookies) at GRND Coffeehouse 140 Harrison Street Oak Park, Illinois February 12, 2021 between 1:00pm and 3:00pm only.

Please email should you have questions: [email protected]

Cost $25.00 per person

Decorating Event

January 30, 2021 and February 13 and 14, 2021

INDIE Authors Book Club

Product Description: Come and promote your book, form a book club, form a book discussion, meet the Author and receive a signed copy of the book! Light Refreshments Served

Cost per one book: $28.00

Cost of both books in the three part series: Book One- As Life Would Have It. and Book Two- As Life Would Have It...The Men and the launch event is $60.00 

Prepay: $50.00 

Cost after February 28: $60.00

For 1 Book
For 2 Books

Book Launch (includes both books) - As Life Would Have It...The Men 

March 20,2021 4:00 pm. We will send you launch updates per COVID guidelines.

 High Tea, Coffee and Me.

Product Description: Gather your loved ones or plan the perfect date and enjoy a sampling of our craft teas, coffees and wine selections. We'll also serve a delectable dessert/pastry to your guests.

April 16-18, 2021

$35.00 per person includes your taste selections and dessert

We will keep you updated on the schedule and COVID guidelines. 

High Tea, Coffee and Me.

Seasonal/ Holiday Wreath and Bouquet Design

Product Description: Come and learn in person or virtual 'How To' build a striking Bouquet or Wreath for your home or as a gift. $65.00 per person includes materials, beverage and instruction. 

Spring Wreath and Build a Bouquet

April 30 and May 1, 2021

Seasonal/ Holiday Wreath and Bouquet Design

Seasonal. We will keep you posted per COVID guidelines and schedule